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UPDATE: The Charmaigne Scott Band (CSB) was featured among many great artists in the 2012 Monterey Bay Blues Festival (MBBF 2012) on the Payton Garden Stage (CSB) on Sunday, June 24 at high Noon, the last day of the MBBF 2012! We hope YOU were there having the best time, ever! Look for the (CSB). We hope you stopped by and said "Howdy!" while you grooved to our sounds and all the great music at the MBBF!

Now, you know what The CSB does and why we like playing the unique genres of USA music! You might just agree with many fans that:

"Our music is good for your Soul!"
Charmaigne's other band, The Motown Express totally rules, too! Check them out whenever you can.

Be sure to go see our friends' shows, too.
We hope to see you there!
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Music Performance Update

The site is finally undergoing a renovation. You may notice various updates.
You will see information about new events that gained valuable press attention,
as well as calls for special event auditions and performances. Visit us, often to see what's new.

News about The Charmaigne Scott Band (CSB) Performances

We were honored to be among great music artists selected to perform at the 2004, 2006, 2010, and 2012 Monterey Bay Blues Festivals (MBBFs)!
We brought the blues, R&B, Funk & Soul! U brought U! You were Being there with us and NO ONE was Being Square!

Thanks to Dr. Vivian Waldrup-Patterson for her professionalism and diligence that helped evolve the MBBF for three decades!
It finally ended but many have cherished memories of the great artists and music performances sponsored by MBBF creative arts community stakeholders.
But have faith and be confident! It will be back to ensure enjoyment of live music performances.
We will get to consume some of those great American genres and artforms of the Blues, R&B, and Soul, again! Be ready and be there.

Recent and Previous Engagements

For YOUR Information:

Early in 2012, the CSB provided music for the NAACP's 80th anniversary of civil rights leadership; and, its 40th Life membership banquet held at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Monterey. The event featured the national NAACP President and CEO, Ben Todd Jealous and Monterey County President, Mel Mason among many other dignitaries and guests.

We performed in 2011 for the NAACP's annual Lifetime Membership Awards Banquet. It was a wonderful event with lots of celebrities and VIPs filling the grande ballrooms of the lovely Marriott Hotel in downtown, Monterey, California. I felt proud and honored to sing and perform some superb songs with a most excellent team of world-class musicians for the stellar, dressed to-the-nines audience!

You can see excerpts of those events and other specials on episodes of the Charmaigne Scott Show.
Catch repeats on TV of this and other events on Ch. 24: Fridays @ 2am and 2pm; and, on Sundays @ 2am and 2pm.

As AMP producers, we video special occasions and events for individuals, private groups, academics, and non-profit organizations.
You can access our video collections of community programs, academic events, and celebrity interviews on AMP.

While you are at it, check out our local, public access TV station and facilities: Access Monterey Peninsula (AMP). Join and become an AMP Producer, too!


Vist the sites of our music friends and tell them Charmaigne sent you!


  1. Pianist: Martan Mann
  2. Bass: Donald Scott
  3. Drums: Olaf Schiappacasse
  4. Guest Pianist:Bobby Peoples
Visit our music friends, see their shows, too!
  1. Tammi Brown
  2. Stabe Wilson
Look for their appearances at various venues in California and around the world! Here are a few more of our favorite places:
  1. The Monterey Peninsula
  2. Santa Cruz
  3. San Jose
  4. The Bay Area
For great live music, visit our favorite spots for the locals and everybody else:
  1. Bullwackers
  2. Best Western Plus Seacliff Inn, Severino's
  3. Cannery Row
  4. Monterey Bay Aquarium
  5. Embassy Suites in Seaside, CA
  6. The Highlands Inn
  7. The Hyatt Regency
  8. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Music Side
I truly enjoy presenting upcoming, creatives. So, if you are a singer or musically inclined, email your bio to me so we can know about your artistic, business, and academic plans. If you are an active community participant, a shaker and a mover; include that information. It will add another interesting dimension to your bio. Who knows? You might find yourself guest-singing at a special event, or....on my upcoming, TV show...It could happen, ya know..

You can now purchase our music from PayLoadz, too. Drop an email to Charmaigne and tell us what you think about the e-commerce services. To purchase and download your choice of mp3s from CM2P vocal artist, Charmaigne Scott, click:

  • Jazz And Soul collection
  • Lush Life

  • Give a listen to Charmaigne singing 5 beautiful and complex tunes popularized by the great female vocalists.
    Among Charmaigne's finest renditions, these signature jazz standards, R&B, and Funk-n-Soul classics include:
    1. I'm Glad There Is You
    2. Sunday Kind of Love
    3. Through The Fire
    Production Notes: About the Lush Life CD
  • The focus was on vocal quality without reliance on digital processing and other forms of data manipulation.
  • The objective was to ensure the music could elevate to the very high standards of our audiences.
  • CM2P producers believe music recordings should always demonstrate artistic warmth while delivering imperceptible nuances with scintillating sounds. They aim to encourage the qualities only the human voice can deliver to the discerning, human ear.

    Let us know your thoughts about Charmaigne's unique artistry and vocal treatments in both collections: Jazz And Soul and Lush Life. Your comments are always welcome! Just send an email to Charmaigne and communicate with us.

    We do not employ advertising from other companies, yet...For now, we will shamelessly promote our company and the artists we represent.

    So, Remember
    Reserve our music for all of your important or exciting events, early! Get the finest Monterey Bay music for your special events or holiday entertainment! Enjoy that special, "Monterey Bay Sound" only from the greatest CM2P professionals, ever! CM2P provides a variety of excellent vocalists and professional bands! For easy negotiations and straight-forward contracts, contact via phone or text CM2P: 831.392.7565 or It is best to contact us two months prior to your event! Thank you for visiting our site.


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