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Free Downloads

Which Jazz And Soul singles would you like to purchase?
Decide by listening to the Jazz And Soul singles snippets below:

Della Reese

Mp3s are easy to add to your personal collection of favorite tunes for your iPod or other digital player. If you would like to own one or more of these great tunes that set the mood for romance or dancing, just follow the steps below.

1) Listen to the snippets above to decide which songs you want in your collection.
2) Click here to go to our purchase area.

After you complete your purchase, be sure to click the Continue button. It leads to the downloadable mp3 file.

3) Then, click on your choice(s) in the drop down menu.
4) Next, hit the "Add to Cart" button.
5) You can see your purchase by hitting the "View Cart" button.

Once there, follow the prompts that will generate your order and credit card payment receipt. Soon after you will receive an email notification followed by another email containing your download authorization key code.

We hope you play our music everywhere; in the car to reduce roadrage, on the dance floor at your private or company parties, or when you light the scented candles.

Thank you for listening to Ms. Charmaigne Scott's great singing just for YOU!

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