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I graduated from Cabrillo College with an AA degree in Music and an AA degree in Liberal Studies in Spring 1998. Then, I became a California State University-Monterey Bay transfer student that Summer.

My associate degrees in Music and Liberal Studies prepared me to pursue a BA degree in Integrated Studies at CSUMB. After graduation on May 26, 2001; I wonder: Is it really over, is that all there is? Why no, Merrygeldkin; let's goto summer school?!*?! Sind Sie sehr krank? Oh well, someone must be a glutton for learning. Browse a few of my assignments, tutorial research, extra credit work, other courses and topics of interest.

My portion of a PowerPoint presentation on Network Management is also included. The best browser for viewing this presentation is Microsoft Explorer.

This link CM2P takes you to a small e-business that I established for two main purposes. 1. The e-business would be my full-time student sandbox to learn, apply and practice. 2. The e-business filled a need as my PR Kit website. Finally, online communication was a reality. Interested parties enjoy 24-7 access to book acts for their venues, events and special occasions.

I designed CM2P using various application suites ranging from Microsoft, Adobe and Macromedia, and Transmit. Transmit's feature for convenient, online editing and HTML coding is most appreciated.

Additionally, the following applications increased my comprehension as well as output:

QuickTime, RealPlayer, and RealProducer are applications that were also used. These should be downloaded and installed on your computer so you can see videos and listen to audio tracks from CM2P CD or DVD products.

As CM2P undergoes periodic updating to reflect product upgrades for greater accessibility; it is evolving with improvements in ecommerce functions for products and delivery systems.

Below, the net-surfing links to other web sites and lots of varied information for everyday living may interest you:

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CST 337 project tmn, CS and NS


TAT202-Fundamentals of Non-Linear Editing

CST251-01 Coursework

    Browse a few of my chapter assignments, tutorial research, extra credit work, other courses
    and topics of interest. My portion of a powerpoint presentation on Network Management is
    also included.

    The net-surfing links to other web sites and lots of varied information for everyday living
    may interest you.


Hot Links

Webfolio, Bookmarks and more Information 

You didn't know I write original music, you say? As a BMI publisher afilliate, I am always interested in the compositional talents of others so bookmark this site and contact me when you get a chance.

I cherish the memory of Vern Bennett (left),
    my piano teacher who On the left is my piano teacher, Vern Bennett.  I cherish his memory. On the right is my music director, Don McCaslin.  He is the best!is playing up a storm in heaven.

On the right is our music director, Don McCaslin.  He is the best!
Don McCaslin's band is "Warmth and features many
of the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay areas' finest musicians.

I sing Jazz and Swing era music with them once a week
at the Best Western Seacliff Inn-Severino's in Aptos, CA.
Call (831) 688-7300 for reservations and monthly schedule.

Here is my wonderful esposo and best friend.
He is the greatest singers' bassist I know.
He sings like a lark and is a superb producer, too!


I think you'll like our CDs.
I hope you enjoy my work
and come back to visit often!


Major Learning Outcomes
CSUMB-California State University Monterey Bay

Fall 1998

Spring 1999

Fall 1999

Spring 2000
  Course: TAT 370
Media Ethics
Instructor - S. Edwards
Units - 4        Grade - A
  Course: TechTools 101
Computer Literacy
Instructor-R. Strong
Units - 4    Grade - B+
Course: CST311
Intro to Telecom
Instructor - R. Van Spyk
Units - 4    Grade -A
Course: CST 231
Problem solving/ Program
Instructor - Tao
Units - 4     Grade - 
Course: TAT 300
Instructor - Y. Corona
Units - 4    Grade - A
  Course: German 1A
Instructor - L. Curtis
Units - 5     Grade -A
Course: Math 170
Discrete Mathematics
Instructor - Pardis
Units - 4      Grade - 
Course: TAT 307
Digital Audio
Instructor -P. Contos
Units - 4     Grade - B
Course: German 1B
MPC-Intermd German
Instructor - Lincoln Curtis
Units - 5      Grade - 
Course: MPA 406
Instructor - P. Contos
Units - 1      Grade - A

Semester GPA: 3.60

Semester GPA: 3.55

Semester GPA: 4.0

Semester GPA:
I bid you peace: auf Wiedersehen, au resevoir, arrivederci,adios,
dobre utera, sayonara, kwa heri and goodbye, for now. cs

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